Permit to work system

Permit to work (PTW) system is very important part of process safety management. It is mandatory requirement stipulated in OSHA PSM standard. This comic explains basic idea in general what is PTW and how it works.

Comic is good to use for the general awareness for the relevant employees, work permit orientation, awareness, or training of new or experienced employees. Work permit procedure can be developed on this basic presentation.

Comic is one of important course offered by an industry professional, who has included his real life experiences and lesson learned which makes this presentation unique. It is presented and published by PSTC Training Center Islamabad.

Course is written in simple language and in comic style, writer has added his real life inputs from his own experience which makes the course very interactive and interesting to learn. At the end there are more than 20 multiple choice questions, student has to attempt these question for self assessment.

Course is being offered online and student may download the course content and study in his own time and attempt the questions at the end. course content is being offer in two versions, standard presentation in PDF format and eBook format.

Candidates who are interested to completed the course being online and they will attempt the question at the end, if they passed they will get the certificate of success for completion of the course. They will also get the course content as take away in the form of in the form of high quality PDF presentation and also a beautifully formatted eBook. You can download preview eBook via following link, full version you can get with the course registration and payment of course fee.